Welcome to JamieFosterStrips.com

Hi, I'm Jamie Foster. I'm 50, fit and funny (sorry to brag!) I started out in fetish as spanking lady Clare Fonda and moved on to hardcore porn so this site is a perfect mix of fetish fun and fucking from a mature switch. I update twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and that means two new clips per week. I also have a weekly webcam to interact with my fans. This site has been up for 6 years and has a buttload of original content. You can see me all over the web, I'm the tall slim cougar with the long legs, real tits and one tattoo, but this is my official site and I appreciate your support!

Episode 1009: Sex Snitch - 7 Minutes

Virtal sex clip about an undercover lover who will bust your man for you and sometimes enjoys it JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1008: Selfie Pee - 7 Minutes

When you are trapped in the yard and have to go you might as well film JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1007: Slinky Stepmom Strips - 7 Minutes

A shy but sext stepmom wants to keep her stepdaughter out of porn so she offers to take her modeling gig JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1006: Desert Dude - 13 Minutes

The guy she liked moved to the desert and in this long explicit story clip she is going to get him back or at least get laid JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1005: Sleazy Easter - 7 Minutes

Set to silly Easter music the bunny girl will seduce you on any given Sunday JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1004: Protest Pee - 9 Minutes

A demure but determined woman launches a pissy protest JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1003: Prude Photographer - 8 Minutes

Trying to shock and possibly seduce a shutterbug who does not take naked pics JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1002: Safe Stranger - 7 Minutes

A fetish model gets changed in your car before her next gig...talk about a weird day! She is sweet and flirty. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1001: Dezert Hoze - 6 Minutes

Slinky pantyhose fun in the high desert. No nudity but you will get some soon JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 1000: Netsuit Yoga - 7 Minutes

Some JOI Yoga in a fishnet bodysuit for the win. Join in or stroke off JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 999: Town Pee Drama - 6 Minutes

POV of a voyeur and then some selfie action of a public revenge pee JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 998: Road Flash Fun - 10 Minutes

A sleazy little desert adventure that is both coy and creepy featuring a purple thong JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 997: Blue Dress Love - 15 Minutes

Long and fun with sexy lingerie, roleplay and heels JOIN FOR MORE