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Hi, I'm Jamie Foster. I'm 50, fit and funny (sorry to brag!) I started out in fetish as spanking lady Clare Fonda and moved on to hardcore porn so this site is a perfect mix of fetish fun and fucking from a mature switch. I update twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and that means two new clips per week. I also have a weekly webcam to interact with my fans. This site has been up for 6 years and has a buttload of original content. You can see me all over the web, I'm the tall slim cougar with the long legs, real tits and one tattoo, but this is my official site and I appreciate your support!

Episode 239: Scratching Stepmom Strips - 5 Minutes

Stepmom is the victim of a prank when some ants are put in her clothes making her itch and scratch. She runs inside and gets out of her clothes not realizing her stepson is right there! She goes to get showered and then into his room to find out if he is playing ajoke and of course she starts itching again. As she scratches he gets more and more tu... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 238: Unemployment Wife Strips - 5 Minutes

A wife knows her husband is about to lose his job and although she is a shy woman she has the boss over with some very ready-to-be-a-slut lingerie and no panties. She is embarrassed to take it all off but she does and gives him a nice tour pf her holes which he is getting hard and ready to use. Full clip posts today and tomorrow you get a bonus Val... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 237: Producer Strips - 4 Minutes

The producer of a low budget movie is in your house and she is trying to save money. She has one some tight white pants that she does not want to get messed up so she decides she had better take them off to get the set ready. She knows she is being manipulated but really has to save money on the movie so gets naked alone with you in the kitchen to ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 236: Spending Wife Strips - 7 Minutes

The wife comes into the living room in her trendy t-shirt and yoga pants and sees the bills. Her husband knows she has been spending like she used to when she was a top fetish model and he wants to see what is under her shirt. She has to show her satiny push up bra (makes her boobs huge) and panties and then the body that he suspects others have be... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 235: Stepmom Strips and Rubs Tits - 5 Minutes

Stepmom catches you in the bathroom jerking it hard. She teases you at first and then gets you under her spell by taking off her top and rubbing her nice titties with baby oil until you have no choice but to blow the biggest load ever. She gets off an being an exhibitionist and having you explode. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 234: Romper Stepmom Strips - 6 Minutes

Stepmom is wearing a bodysuit that you are curious about. It has snaps on the crotch and you get her to model it for you, even that part. You want to see how it comes off so you flirt until she pops her titties out and then unsnaps it to show off her tight pussy. You can cum just thinking about this easy access outfit. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 233: Bikini Struggle Strip - 4 Minutes

Jamie is duct taped to a high chair in a bikini. In the process, her tits spill out and the string bikini bottoms pop open. She finally frees her hands and says "Ha" and wins the game. A jiggly little clip JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 232: Porn Cougar Strips - 6 Minutes

Based on a real-life indcident, Jamie goes to a house and it is obvious she is there to shoot porn, but she is in the wrong residence. The neighbor takes advantage of the fact and makes her strip. She is embarrassed by the fact that she has no panties on with her slutty dress. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 231: Surprise Strip - 5 Minutes

She is getting ready to go out with her girlfriend but does not realize that the son is home from college. She grasps at a towel but it very embarrassed and then is scared her friend will think she was showing off for the son. She ends up doing what he wants which is stripping for him and then runs back in the room in a huff! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 230: Sore Stepmom Strips - 7 Minutes

Step Son has made Step Mom into his more than willing sex slave once he found out what a submissive slut she was but she complains about how rough the sex is. Her breasts and bottom hole are sore and her little pussy, which you get a good look at, is very swollen. He makes her apologize for being a baby and then she has to masturbate for him. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 229: Dirty Presents! - 8 Minutes

Her friend got her some dirty presents that he wants to see used on her, a paddle and a buttplug. Both hurt and she is embarrassed but owes him a favor and gets herself warmed up with the paddle, pants down and then works the lube butt plug into her bottomhole. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 228: Senior Secretary Flashes and Sucks - 7 Minutes

I was going thru some of my clips on my other site, www.cutecougar.com and thought what a good clip this would be for this huMILFiation ENF site, where I cry, flash and have to suck on a big fake dick. The story is that I am the oldest secretary trying to hold her job down getting herself into a very humiliating situation. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 227: Good Wife Strips - 5 Minutes

A wife has heard thru friends that he husband is planning on leaving her. She knows she has been a bad wife and neglects him so she promises to be more domestic and dress as prettily as possible. She acts the seductive way she did when they first got married and strips for him, showing off her shaved pussy. She is upset and trying to be as sweet as... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 226: Working Girl Strips - 9 Minutes

The escort is worried that her client is the law and he worries the same about her. She tries to keep it legal while stripping, working a big dildo in her little pussy,and cumming for her client. Nude female POV with mature model self-penetration and masturbation. JOIN FOR MORE