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Hi, I'm Jamie Foster. I'm 50, fit and funny (sorry to brag!) I started out in fetish as spanking lady Clare Fonda and moved on to hardcore porn so this site is a perfect mix of fetish fun and fucking from a mature switch. I update twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and that means two new clips per week. I also have a weekly webcam to interact with my fans. This site has been up for 6 years and has a buttload of original content. You can see me all over the web, I'm the tall slim cougar with the long legs, real tits and one tattoo, but this is my official site and I appreciate your support!

Episode 362: Upskirt Auntie - 4 Minutes

Your silly auntie has lost a ring in the bed and is now offering you a full view of her pantyhouse clad crotch. She seems ot forget t hat you are there, caressing between her long legs until she finally remembers what she did with her ring. Mini dress and suntan pantyhose for Jamie fans. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 361: Dog Lady Strips - 7 Minutes

This is a lot of booty shots. Jamie has too many dogs at her house and her neighbor wrote a letter to the city. She has come over in some short shorts to talk to him about it. She is pulling up her shorts and turning around a lot til her catches the pitch she is throwing. She gets nude for him and he decides he will retract the complaint. POV video... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 360: Naked Maid 3 - 9 Minutes

The maid is back and as usual trying to avoid getting naked. This time she has cut-off shorts and a cute camoflauge lingerie set on underneath that she thinks is going to be enough to keep the guy occupied but he wants full nudity. The maid has to once again get down and dirty and be a NAKED MAID JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 359: Camo Bikini Pics - 3 Minutes

Quick, fun photo shoot with your favorite cougar, Jamie Foster, in her backyard, posing for some pics in a camoflage bikini and flashing just for you. Brand new video update coming tomorrow! JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 358: New Neighbor Strips - 6 Minutes

The lady goes to a party and feels snubbed because of her short dress. Her date shames her and secludes her to a small room where he humiliates her and makes her show everything. POV cougar ENF video with mature model Jamie Foster. please enjoy TWO cam shows this week on Weds at 11pm PT and Sunday 1pm PT free to all members.This is the last Weds sh... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 357: Sexy Granny Strips - 7 Minutes

Hot GILF type lady is pretty sure age is just a number with the young men of today and she is pretty sure she could get a guy to do whatever she wanted with her toned body and shaper granny panties. She is older and bolder and slowly JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 356: Relapse Stepmom Strips - 5 Minutes

Sweet stepmom is out of rehab and she has to be very careful not to party withyou anymore like the old days that got her in big trouble. She begs you as a friend not to lead her into temptation but she knows sheis going to have to give you something to help with your cravings and she offers you her MILF bod which you will take full advantage of. Ho... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 355: Sex Ed Stepmom Strips - 6 Minutes

In her short dress, heels and pantyhouse, your new stepmom has to explain some sexual things to you. It was nto a good idea of your dad to ask her to do this, especially as he has not been fucking her regularly and she appears to need it. She ends up getting out of her mini and stickings to demonstrate her private parts to you and yours are now on ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 354: Realtor Strips and Sucks - 8 Minutes

In this nice long clip a MILF type realtor dressed in a fitted red power suit with pantyhose and heels is getting in trouble for selling houses that needed many more repairs than she promised. She does not want to lose her job and instead uses her feminine wiles to seduce, strip and submit and even provide her client with an eager blow job and a fa... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 353: Garden MILF Strips - 4 Minutes

Clad in yoga pants, the hot single mom definitely needs a gardener but she does not have the extra cash.She teases and flashes and finally seals the deal with a series of hot spreads. Even in the privacy of her backyard she is nervous but does show it all off to the gardener with promises of more if he takes good care of things, hot MILF in some ou... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 352: Pink Lady Strips - 6 Minutes

Stepmom has been mailed an odd dress that is very revealing. Stepson gets her to put it on and she feels very exposed.This is actually based on a real-life package that got sent to Jamie anonymously and contained this very slutty dress. She is embarrassed to wear it but is convinced to get even more inappropriate and strip it off for a revealing si... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 351: Horny Neighbor Strips - 6 Minutes

The house next door has a hot MILF neighbor who is always strutting around in her yoga pants and turning on her neighborhood. She stops by for help with a home project and has no problem getting you excited by bending over in her tight pants showing off her ample ass. She is direct, upfront and gives you extended views of her hot holes. This nasty ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 350: Horny Cougar Strips and Cums - 12 Minutes

This is a nice long clip where Jamie has been waiting for you to show up and is still excited to see you although you are late. To punish you she enjoys her sex toys right in front of you to show you how she has been keeping busy and that she is still an insatiable cougar.She used both a little vibrator on her clit and stuffs her mouth and pussy wi... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 349: Hot Pants Lady Strips - 6 Minutes

The middle aged chick has been living in a halfway house to get her life in order. She comes home dressed like she has been partyingand has to submit to a search to make sure she is not bringing contraband into the halfway house. She is nervous and has a guilty feeling so is willing in strip naked and submit to spreads to make amends. JOIN FOR MORE