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Hi, I'm Jamie Foster. I'm 50, fit and funny (sorry to brag!) I started out in fetish as spanking lady Clare Fonda and moved on to hardcore porn so this site is a perfect mix of fetish fun and fucking from a mature switch. I update twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and that means two new clips per week. I also have a weekly webcam to interact with my fans. This site has been up for 6 years and has a buttload of original content. You can see me all over the web, I'm the tall slim cougar with the long legs, real tits and one tattoo, but this is my official site and I appreciate your support!

Episode 336: Kitchen Wife Strips - 5 Minutes

The wife is shy but the husband has some kinky shit in mind for her and he gets her in the kitchen just in an apron and her panties and convinces her to strip while she describes some of their tasty treats. She loves her husband but can tell he is up to no good! Nevertheless, she is a good wife and goes along with him til she is fully nude. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 335: Cook Cums and Strips - 5 Minutes

Jamie is filming an amateur cooking show and her friend gives her a health drink which makes her have a powerful orgasm every thirty seconds. She also cannot help but peel off her clothes. At the end of the video she finds herself in a post orgasmic state completely naked and is quite embarrassed JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 334: Bathing Suit Mom Strips - 6 Minutes

You are going on an outing to waterpark and mom is in her shiny and sleek black one-piece swimsuit. It really is exciting with her slim figure and some of the poses she strikes and she is well aware of how it is affecting you. As she has done before she wriggles out of her suit so you can handle your business before you go to the park. Whatever it ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 333: New Panties - 5 Minutes

Topless cougar Jamie tries on several pairs of brand new hipster brief panties. Some are small with her ass sort of hanging out and others more full coverage. She gives you some panty shopping tips and makes sure you see everything. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 332: Bonus Schoolgirl Tease - 4 Minutes

A clip to show you what we have on our other sites with cute schoolgirl Odette, one of the tiniest fetish models, explaining the embarrassment she suffered when she wet her pants at school and showing her special panties under her schoolgirl skirt. Odette has been seen on this site before playing my niece. There is also a bonus clip of some hardcor... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 331: Barfly Wife Strips - 7 Minutes

The husband knows his wife has been getting drunk at the bar so he has her stop in the doorway before she goes to her room so he can see what she wore underneath and if she is back to her old ways of picking up other men at the bar. She left saying she was Christmas shopping but came back tipsy and as she strips we see she had a push up bra and lac... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 330: Sweater Lady Strips - 4 Minutes

Jamie tries on three of her favorite sweaters, two with a bra and one without. She enjoys the feel of the different fabrics on her skin and shows of her perky nipples, erect from the taking on and off of different sweaters. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 329: Sorry Model Strips - 4 Minutes

A MILF model is in the middle of a nude shoot and she is insecure, nervous and apologizing for everything. She is anxious to give the producer what he wants but will not stop saying sorry as she slips out of her satin slip and spreads her legs she still feels like she is doing a very bad job of posing nude. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 328: Red Pants Photos - 3 Minutes

A bonus set of cute pics of cougar Jamie showing off her red jeans and perky tits. This is a photo set only but this site has hundreds of clips of adult model Jamie Foster who is in her late forties stripping, posing, teasing and sometimes crying. She does both ENF and seductive stepmom content and the site updates with a new video clip twice a wee... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 327: Silky Stepmom Strips - 4 Minutes

Your stepmom has seen that you like MILF porn so she dresses up in a sexy slip that she has back form years ago and flirts with her lanky leggy body and sweet smile and seductive dark lipstick. She caresses the shiny, silky lingerie until she is excited and warmed up enough to take it off and strikes enough poses until you can no longer resist and ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 326: Exchange Student Strips - 6 Minutes

A mature exchange visitor form overseas is confused about the customs and clearly being taken advantage of by her host parents who demands she strip out of her tight pants and top upon coming home late. This is just the start of her being a sex slave in exchange for room and board.She knows it is wrong but feels somewhat helpless. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 325: More Ghost Boyfriend - 5 Minutes

Due to the feedback on our last Ghost clip I brought back the first one. This one is possibly more romantic, less torried. It starts out as voyeur with Jamie sleeping and snoring and she starts to touch herself and reveal nudity. It gets rough with explicit bottomhole shots but ends in ecstasy after the visit from the ghost boyfriend. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 324: Sex Teacher Strips - 6 Minutes

The friendly teacher feels like since it is a college course she is going to have some sexual fun with a student. She is dressed proper and classic but she sexes it up in her form fitting clothes and then after she is caught up in the moment of exposure she feels a bit embarrassed. After all, she could get in a lot of trouble for this. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 323: Nude Yoga - 6 Minutes

Jamie tries nude yoga and finds it is a whole new fitness experience. She enjoys the exhibitionist part of it until she is in positions that are showing her private holes all spread out and then she gets a little shy about naked yoga. JOIN FOR MORE