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Hi, I'm Jamie Foster. I'm 50, fit and funny (sorry to brag!) I started out in fetish as spanking lady Clare Fonda and moved on to hardcore porn so this site is a perfect mix of fetish fun and fucking from a mature switch. I update twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and that means two new clips per week. I also have a weekly webcam to interact with my fans. This site has been up for 6 years and has a buttload of original content. You can see me all over the web, I'm the tall slim cougar with the long legs, real tits and one tattoo, but this is my official site and I appreciate your support!

Episode 39: Actresses Strip - 9 Minutes

Two young actresses show up for what they think is a PG rated movie and they have to strip, do naked exercises where their bodies jiggle and have to also engage in a little fooling around. This is a CMNF but we only hear the voice of the director as he tells the naive young actresses what to do making them more and more uncomfortable, including spr... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 38: Yoga Lady Strips - 11 Minutes

The high maintaince MILF yoga client is always complaining she is not getting results. She whines to her yogi so he has her show him. She bit off a little more than she can chew. She hopes he does not mean to keep going as she is becoming quite embarrassed but her yogi continues until her tight yoga pants, sports bra and underwear are off and she i... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 37: Friends Strip - 6 Minutes

Blond Sunny Marie and redhead Mary Jane Mayhem are curious young guest stars. In this ENF scene, the confident Sunny gets her shy friend to take off all her clothes. She coaxes them off her one article of clothing at a time. To be fair, Sunny then disrobes and shows off her tight bod. Both girls take it nice and slow and we get a good look at these... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 36: Swimsuit Stepmom Strips - 7 Minutes

Stepmom has sneaked into the bathroom for her private party stash. She is wearing a very tight swimsuit you love her in and would love to see her peel off. When she does her contraband right in front of you you can control her and the has to wriggle out of the Speedo. You take it further although she is embarrassed and indignant and talk about bein... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 35: Young Model Strips - 9 Minutes

Alyssa Reece stars in a hot ENF scene. She plays a new model who tries to keep her clothes on for the test shots. The female phtographer gets her to submit and eventually ask to be photographed in the nude. Alyssa slowly removes every article of clothing and she is the type of girl who will be talked into shooting spreads in no time! Although Alyss... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 34: Girdle Lady Strips - 8 Minutes

This is an ENF fantasy. She has been told to wear a girdle and strip slowly. She must look to him for approval and show him everything he wants. She is nervous and afraid as she peels off on artcile of clothing after another and finally her very tight girdle and stockings. She got herself into another bad situation and has to submit, slowly. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 33: Nieces Strip - 9 Minutes

One niece is back to stay with her strict aunt and she did not tell her sister about the body checks. Her sister is shocked and alarmed but they both have to take off their clothes and spread for their auntie. It is going to be a strict stay with many chores and it starts off with the embarrassing stipping which they will never tell thier friends a... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 32: Tennis Lady Strips - 8 Minutes

Jamie is heading out the door to where she spends all her time and money - the tennis club. He rhusband stops her on her way out and shows her the credit card bill. They are in serious debt and no more tennis club. She can start by taking off her uniform. Jamie cries and pleads because she knows this stripping is his way of shaming her into her new... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 31: Mother and Daughter Strip - 8 Minutes

A mother has gone to visit her daughter and they nap in the hotel bed. Mom has a very special stalker who helps her financially. He has followed them and the pajama clad women wake up to being forced to strip. Mom convinces daughter that they must go along with it as he helps the family. The daughter is indignant and mom is ashamed but they slowly ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 30: Cheerleader Strips - 11 Minutes

In a G/g ENF scene, Paris Kennnedy, real life best friend, guest stars as a cheerleader who is in trouble for having too much body art. Miss Foster stops by her room and administers a body check. She explains it is standard procedure but Paris is nervous. The sexiest cheerleader in school acquiesces and reveals her tattoos and is left ashamed clut... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 29: Niece Strips - 9 Minutes

Naughty Niece (guest star Odette Delacroix) is staying with Aunt Jamie. She comes home early in the morning to a strip search. Odette is nervous and feels taken advantage of as she strips. Her aunt gets a good look at her all over and makes sure there is not contraband anywhere on her body. Odette is such a petite girl her little hands do hide her ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 28: Cheating Wife Strips - 9 Minutes

Jamie has been caught going out in a slutty dress. Her husband wants to see her entire body. She cries and her masacara runs down her face. She is a real crybaby and keeps going back under the covers trying not to take everthing off.She is a grown up woman playing a childish game and everything has to come off, slowly. She is hiding something and f... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 27: Babysitter Strips - 11 Minutes

Fiona Murphy guest stars on the site. She is a local babysitter and Jamie thinks she has stolen money. She calls her mom and is told that Fiona has a stealing problem and should have to strip down. Fiona is embarrassed to take her clothes off in front of Miss Foster and Miss Foster helps her a little too, then she has to look at all her parts. This... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 26: Gold Digger Strips and Takes Dildo. - 12 Minutes

Jamie thinks she has it all figured out. She goes to see her neglected sugar daddy for some gifts. She wants to get the loot and run but he wants to see her body first. She strips and puts on her phony charm. One of the gifts is a huge pink dildo. He makes Jamie put take it in her tight pink hole and when she starts to enjoy it she has to take it o... JOIN FOR MORE