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Hi, I'm Jamie Foster. I'm 50, fit and funny (sorry to brag!) I started out in fetish as spanking lady Clare Fonda and moved on to hardcore porn so this site is a perfect mix of fetish fun and fucking from a mature switch. I update twice a week on Tuesday and Friday and that means two new clips per week. I also have a weekly webcam to interact with my fans. This site has been up for 6 years and has a buttload of original content. You can see me all over the web, I'm the tall slim cougar with the long legs, real tits and one tattoo, but this is my official site and I appreciate your support!

Episode 93: Party Dress Lady Strips - 8 Minutes

She is a party crasher always looking for a guy to get her into Hollywood star parties for free. This guy even bought her a gown. She wants him to leave with no sex so he wants the gown back. He wants to see her naked as well. She reluctantly gives him the gown but does not want to show her body. She is not a whore, but everyone has a price and she... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 92: Aunt and Niece Flash 2 - 4 Minutes

Willow is back as a guest model on the site getting lessons from Auntie on how to put on a different pair of stockings with her dress and garter belt. Of course Willow has her cute little hairy pussy to flash. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 91: Mature Model Strips - 7 Minutes

The model is doing a quickie photoshoot and she keeps trying to get out of the nudity factor. She is shy about showing the full monty and she is only getting paid a little cash so kind of, in her nervous way, trying to avoid full nudity but it is part of her job. Lingerie is not risque enough and she has to take it all off and once she does she agr... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 90: Realtor Strips and Submits - 9 Minutes

In this ENF virtual sex clip a shady realtor is confronted by the new homeowner because she did not reveal problems in the home she sold. If he reveals her dishonesty to the boss, she will be in hot water. She gingerly strips and takes his cock POV style. She knows she will have to come to the home she just sold and give it up for quite some time. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 89: Girlfriend Strips and Cums - 10 Minutes

The girlfriend has come to a party to pick up her boyfriend. This is the typical sitaution where a nice lady dates a dude with lots of issues. She is always having to go around town and get him out of trouble, like she is his mommy. In this situation it seems there is no party going on and her boyfriend is nowhere to be found. If she wants him back... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 88: Rocker Mom Photo Bonus - 3 Minutes

This is a bonus Labor Day photo shoot showing Jamie getting in touch with her bad girl side like she is going to a hard rock concert. Jamie shows off her new dark hair and legs, and 5 pounds she has gained! Uh-0h, that's coming off. Fans of hers who woudld like to see her in person shoudl check out the schedule at www.sanctaurylax.com and enjo... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 87: Neighbor Wife Strips and Spreads - 7 Minutes

She got her neighbor drunk at the BBQ. The neighbor had years of sobriety and the husband is very upset how she helped his wife fall off the wagon. Her husband needs to know unless she agrees to strip, and part of this plan is that she has to spread. She is being oogled and objectified, but does not want a bad report going back to her husband. Whil... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 86: Masturbator Strips - 7 Minutes

The lady really does not like to socialize with her neighbors. She'd rather be alone jerking off. She has a vibrator and carries it around all day so she can catch a break and relieve herself. She gets horny and can't stand small talk so when her neighbor has a get together she escapes into a bedroom for a little pick-me-up. She doesn... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 85: Mom of Jock Strips - 10 Minutes

Her son is failing two classes so the mom hets herself all brave and offers to show the smartest student full nudity. She figures a college boy who is rumored to be a virgin will be excited and help her son pass his courses. She is embarrassed that she has to do this but she has no money to pay the tutor with. She has to pay with nudity. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 84: Photo Shoot Bonus - 3 Minutes

Jamie shares a recent photo shoot that has her revealing nudity bit by bit. In some shots she hids her identity others are straight-on poses. This is the true Jamie, how she likes to look and feel in front of the camera and the kind of amateur photo shoot she finds the sexiest.Explicit shots included especially for ass men as she is a very naughty ... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 83: Aunt and Niece Flash - 4 Minutes

Aunt is showing her niece (with a cute hairy pussy!) how to properly put on stockings. A lot of teashing and flashing goes on as the old-fashioned nylons are fastened to the garter belt and shown off by the duo. Willow guest stars as Niece. JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 82: Shower Stepmom Strips - 8 Minutes

Since a lot of subscribers felt teased by the almost shower scene a few weeks ago, we have a voyeuristic one where Stepmom undresses and showers and is being watched by her stepson. She fooled aorund with him in the past. She felt gulity but now he wants more and gets her to show off her pussy, tits and ass from under her towel while he strokes of... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 81: Granny Strips - 8 Minutes

Grannyhas had some addiction issues in her life. She owes her daughter and son in low a lot of money and they moniter her carefully. She has been good for years so she housesits for them but he comes home an dcatches her fallen asleep with a beer. It is very awkward and she must be searched for contraband. She wiggles out of her granny girdle pant... JOIN FOR MORE

Episode 80: Mom of Friend Strips - 9 Minutes

Your best friend's mom has always liked you. Now you guys got caught by his dad - looking at the dad's porno magazines. The dad is very angry but the mom calms him down. She can't have you looking at dad's adult things anymore but she tells you if you want to see a woman with her clothes off you can come to her. She strips to gi... JOIN FOR MORE